Budget and Economic Planning

The ministry was created alongside other ministries within the state service structure shortly after the state was created out of the old Rivers State in 1996.

With a mission of taking qualitative health care to the doorstep of every citizen and inhabitant of Bayelsa State and making the State the hub of excellent medical services thereby also promoting health tourism. 


  1. Reduce child mortality
  2. Improve maternal health
  3. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  4. Achieve universal social health care insurance
  5. Achieve State-wide Medical Emergency Services coverage
  6. Improve Private-Public Partnership in health care delivery
  7. Encourage Medical tourism by establishing a centre of medical excellence in the state.
  8. Achieve local production of drugs and medical consumables
  9. Promote training of health care personnel
  10. Promote effective and efficient primary health care thereby enhancing accessibility of medical care in the rural areas