The ministry was created alongside other ministries within the state service structure shortly after the state was created out of the old Rivers State in 1996.It has had over six commissioners under different administrations since it was established.
The state has, since the ministry was created, evolved a strategy to lift its agricultural sector from the rudimentary stage to a commercial driven sector with structures that will ensure community participation and global best practices on the identified agro projects.
There are four (4) key companies under the newly constituted Bayelsa State Agricultural Development Company Ltd, namely, Bayelsa Farms Ltd; Bayelsa Palm Ltd; Creek Foods & Supplies and the Niger-Delta Sea Food Ltd. Add to this number are the Shrimp Culture Project, National Food Security Programme, Community based National Resources Management Programme, Roots and Tuber Expansion Project, Green House Vegetable Project, Agriculture Extension Scheme in collaboration with the Bio-resources Development Centre, Odi and Rural Access and Mobility Project(RAMP) in collaboration with the World Bank.
The Ministry of Environment develops and implements State policy, programs and legislation to protect and conserve Bayelsa's environment and natural heritage. Policy statements will be drafted on the following topics and made available for public comment:
  1. Waste disposal
  2. Coastline protection
  3. Nature parks
  4. Pollution
  5. Recycling
  6. Endangered species
  7. Invasive species
  8. Sanitation
  9. State Environmental Protection Agency
    1. Create a high level of awareness amongst Bayelsa people on the need to keep their environment clean
    2. Conserve the fast depleting flora and fauna in the State starting with the establishment of one new forest reserve each year
    3. Review and update laws to enforce guidelines on protecting and conserving the environment in terms of oil, air, noise pollution
    4. Attain and maintain best practices and international standards on environmental issues in Bayelsa State
    5. Achieve the highest standards in waste management
    6. Conduct a State survey of oil spill sites and create a database to manage the cleanup of the identified sites
    7. Define areas and set them aside for Yenagoa cemeteries and draft the Bayelsa Cemeteries Act for consideration by the Bayelsa State House of Assembly.