Government Special Announcement

Create: 08/03/2017 - 14:09

Accordingly, Ogbia local government area will be visited from Monday, 7th of august, 2017.Workers of the local government service, community leaders and all other stakeholders are enjoined to give maximum co-operation to the visiting teams.


The teams for Ogbia local government area are as follows:

Constituency One

1.  Chief Savoiur F. Ibegi - Chairman

2.  Pastor (Engr.) Mike Ogiasa

3.  Chief Zedekiah Isu

4.  Hon. Tobias James

5.  Chaplain Ogiriki Elliot Ebutu

6.  Hon. Engr. Partner Jim-Ogbolo

7.  Nut Chairman, Ogbia

8.  Comr. Apaga Eric –Sec. Health Workers Union

9.  Comr. Maurine Salba – Nulge Sec., Ogbia

Constituency Two

1. Chief Benson S. Agadaga - Chairman

2.  Dr. A. Awoli

3.  Chief Olalibo Osain-Ibokolo

4.  High Chief Don Evarada Abednego

5.  Barr. Peter Afagha

6.  Surv. Tuanami Eteli

7.  Okain Walton –Nut Sec. Ogbia

8.  Beauty Okrinya – Chairman, Health Workers Union, Ogbia

9.  Frank Egba – Nulge Treasurer, Ogbia


Constituency Three

1. Chief George Eto Okirinya – Chairman

2.  Hon. Naomi Ogoli

3.  Hon. Fred Obua

4.  Mrs. Faith Opuene

5.  Dr. Igbami Benneth

6.  Barr. Peter Ebutu

7.  Ekereke Aruaman – Nut Treasurer, Ogbia

8.  Comr. Victor Ebutu – Nulge Chairman, Ogbia

9.  Isekpari Egba – Treasurer, Health Workers Union, Ogbia



Rt. Hon. Talford Ongolo, Jp                           

Chief of Staff, Government House, Yenagoa